360 Logo header 119x62What is a 360° Spin Photography?
Imagine being in a shop and picking up an item you are considering purchasing. You turn it around to view all angles. 360° Photography enables your customer to do much the same thing online. You customer can manipulate the spin on the screen and turn it around as they wish. Our system shoots many photographs at many angles and pieces them all together to create this seamless “spin” of the product for the online shopper. For example, a single row Spin of an item would be up to 36 individual images of that item pieced together.

What Exact Outputs Will I Receive?
Each project specification is bespoke to your specific needs, but typical shoot outputs would include below. Full ownership of all images moves to the customer once project has been completed out.
1. Your 360° Spin of your product that:
a) can be posted as a GIF URL direct to your facebook page
b) can be outputted as MP4 for upload to Amazon, YouTube, or used in Digital Display Advertising
c) can be uploaded to your website as a spin file
d) is compatible with every browser, every device, and is responsively resized to every screen
2. You receive a high res copy of each of the images that make up the Spin. e.g. if you have opted for a 24 image Spin, you will receive a 24 high res images      which can be used online or in print media. And also a web-ready version of all files. All images will be named by product code/name to allow immediate use.
3. Staged Stills x 3 of the same product which compliments the Spin on your website
4. Website integration support
5. After-Shoot support to ensure you can quickly share your images on your website, social media, and with interested parties.

How Will I Show the 360° Spin on my Website?
We work with our tech partner to create a simple integration on your website- no coding required. Compatible with every browser, every device, and responsively resized to every screen. This integration is compatible with all major shopping carts e.g. Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, Word Press etc. The Spins are served to your web page from a remote server which gives excellent speed on the Spin with deep and fast zooms. 3 back-ups of your original images are retained on this platform. Contact us today for information on how to show Spin on your website. It’s Simple!

How Does the Whole Process Work?
You have the option of shipping your product to us by courier or renting studio space if you would like to use e.g. live models for a shoot. If shipping products we will have created a pre-shoot workflow and agreed your desired outputs and timeline. Once you have viewed and signed off on the shoot outputs (online) we will repackage and return the product to you by courier.
You may wish to hire studio space for shooting live model 360° Spins. We will provide you will hourly, half-day and full-day prices for the space and 360° Spin Technician to manage your shoot.

Do you offer 360 product photography services for retailers?
Yes, we offer 360 product photography services for most consumer goods, fashion, handbag retailers, jewellery photography, shoe retailers and much more. You can view our recent projects here.

I’m Interested. What now?
The first step it to pop us an an enquiry from our Contact Us page or give us a call. Once we know what kind of product you would like to shoot, and what you would like to achieve from the shoot, we can provide some advice, shoot suggestions, and pricing. Phone + 353 74 9725648 or (01) 485 1505

How much do you charge for product photography ?
Your quotation will depend on a few variables. Would you like 360ᵒ Spin or Static Images? What type of products you would like to shoot, and how many? Will there be any post-production required? As each client has quite specific needs we don’t have a standard list price. On learning more about your requirements we will however provide you with a detailed quote quickly.

Do you have your own professional studio ?
Yes. We have a large professional studio with a few different “lines” in operation. You have the option to rent a Studio Line and Technician on an hourly or day rate. Client planning to use Live Models would typically select this option.

How long will it take to photograph my products ?
Again as with the point on price, the time taken will depend on your specific requirements and number of products. On quotation our product photographer will provide you with estimated turn-around times and can faciliate urgent processing of orders where necessary.

How will I receive the images?
We will load your images to our platform and provide you access to view and approve. Once approved we will issue an invoice which you can pay online and on payment your images will be enabled for download on this platform. This is a free account where you can store these images until needed. We will provide over the phone training on how to download images, convert Spins to MP4, Post a Spin from this platform to Facebook. Link to these Spins via email etc. We will also provide integration support so that you can use these 360 Spins on your website.

Who will own the copyright of the images?
On payment of invoice, all copyright moves to you the client.

Will I need to provide any props for the photoshoot?
If you wish you can provide particular props for use in the session. Our studio will discuss and advise on this.

What will happen if im not happy with the images?
Payment is only due once you are happy with the images, and it is our role to ensure that you are. We carry out a detailed pre-shoot checklist to ensure all photography is done to your exact specifications. After viewing the images if you have any issues these will be addressed by the Studio. All minor post-production work is covered in the initial quotation. Should you require additional work e.g. product blemishes that show up on the images, this post-production will be quoted for at a rate of €60+ VAT per hour.

Can you do group shots of the products?
Yes. You may wish to shoot a number of your products together. This can be discussed with the studio and accommodated for.

Are my products insured while in the studio being photographed?
No. Goods in our trust are not covered by our insurance. This is something you will need to check with your own insurer.

Can you photograph products at my premises?
We offer on-site commercial photography services for large projects where there is a catalogue of items to be photographed. The nature of our equipment makes transport and build difficult, and therefore would only be suitable for larger quanties of stock. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements so we can propose a solution for you.

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