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B2B eCommerce- Video V's 360° Images?

We are getting more and more enquires to from Irish manufacturing and distribution companies as they move to improve their online presence, looking to attract and retain retail customers with a great order experience.

One of the main challenges faced is the sheer number of products. Any strategy to improve user content has to take into account possibly thousands of SKUs. However, the size of the challenge gives a hint of the return for those businesses who know that their online communication channel with their customers is the one that now matters most.

If you manufacture or distribute you know that your retailers want better product information and better product images, and they want it on demand, online.

They want you to help them provide a better experience for their own customers. Ease of access and the quality of your product information is essential for their sales process. You can have the best products in the world, but if they cannot access the detail on them when they need to, they will jump to to the competitor site and move on.

So how do you weigh up the investment and return on key content creation options such as 360° Images and Product Video. Our US Partners Snap36 work a lot with large B2B businesses where products are in the thousands, and budgets are tight. Below we are sharing a great infographic they have created that answers common questions in the 360° Images V's Product Videos debate.

I say this every day- video's are great, but in the B2B marketplace if you want to communicate product information then 360° cannot be overlooked. Supporting this is the conversion figures quoted below for who found that 360° Images increased conversion by 47%, while video had an impact of only 23%.

If you manufacture/distribute products, and want to know what options are available to create a 360° strategy for your business do get in touch. We have solutions for 10-10,000 products both in our studio or at your location.

Product Video vs 360 Images

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