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Hanna Hats get ahead online with 360 spin photography

360 Product Photography for Ecommerce Retailer

One of Ireland’s oldest milliners has embraced the latest cutting-edge photographic technology to showcase its world famous tweed headwear online. Hanna Hats of Donegal, which is renowned for its fusion of traditional fabric with innovative style in the design of timeless tweed hats, teamed up with us to help maximise e-commerce sales in 2017 and beyond. We used 360 and deep zoom to enable online shoppers to view the wholly handmade hat ranges in the finest detail and from all angles.

The family-owned company, which has been producing distinguished traditional Irish tweed designs since 1924, has adopted the new technology to do justice to the finery of their products.

Amanda Jane Hanna, who along with her sister Eleanor, makes up the third generation of the family business, says engaging the new technology “will bring Hanna Hats to life” for the online shopper.

“The big thing for us regarding spin imaging is that our products are all handmade and the technology ensures we can show off the finer details in all their glory. Rather than reading product descriptions and viewing static images, online shoppers can now explore the finished item in its totality thanks to spin photography from 360 Crew. The zoom and spin facility ensures our customers will be left in no doubt as to the high quality construction and finish of Hanna Hats. The imaging makes an amazing difference to the way our hats look on computer screens or mobile devices. The technology allows customers to see with absolute clarity how our bespoke and handmade hats are head and shoulders above other mass produced products which may occupy similar space in online stores"

Using spin photography allows online shoppers to rotate, examine and engage with products on their device. The new technology has been shown to reduce customer service centre costs for online retailers by as much as 50%, increase conversion rates by up to 40%, decrease return rates by up to 50% and increase average visit duration to websites by shoppers by 32%.

Our 360 degree and 3D product imagery is a perfect fit for Hanna Hats as customers can now remotely view the superbly hand-crafted Irish headwear from all angles and in intricate close-up. Hanna Hats is using the imagery we supply to ensure the brand stands out in the e-commerce world. At 360 Crew we have invested heavily in technology and software to breathe life into products online and give shoppers the opportunity to explore the finer details of the merchandise. Our solution allows online shoppers to get a clear picture of what they are buying and ensure they get the product they really want.

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