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Investing in eCommerce Product Photography to Drive Sales

be85 snp 02If you wish to grow your business at a time when the high streets are dying, you need to be looking at growing your online sales.

Wolfgang Digital’s Ecommerce Study 2015 V 2014 gives us some great insights on where this market is going and why and how you should be part of it.

  • Irish retailers with established online stores enjoyed 45% growth in online sales in 2015, a whopping 40% more than GDP growth of 5%- Are you online?

  • Traffic to websites in the study soared by 27%- Is your site attractive and functional for the online shopper?

  • This traffic was mostly mobile which surged by 39%, overtaking desktop- The mobile shopping experience is driven by less text and more imagery- are you ready?

  • Average Order value grew by 10%, repeat shoppers spend more- Are you getting your new products online quickly to keep your customer interested?

  • The top performing retailers all embraced Black Friday and saw 116% increase in sales on this day from 2014- Will you be ready for Nov 2016? Shoppers will be speed buying to take advantage of deals. Will your product photography enable them to make a decision quickly and with confidence?

  • Top performing websites driving growth by selling internationally- Are you ready to compete on the international stage? These customers might never see your product instore- is your product photography ready to do the sales pitch for you?

  • The Golden Quarter- Q4 sales. Online retail growth is up 54%. Offline is up 6%. - where would you like to invest your marketing budget for your 2016 Q4 sales?

Your time and marketing budgets are finite, the online sales opportunity is not. Allocating budget for great ecommerce Product Photography will be one of the smartest moves you can make in 2016. In a market driven by mobile, and experiences driven by visuals, can you really can’t afford not to?

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