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Spin It To Win It

Don’t lose your potential customers to competitor websites as they seek product information through good product photography.

Product photography

We shop with our eyes. We always have, and now online retailing needs to catch up a little and enable us to do it online. No longer happy with detailed product descriptions, if an ecommerce store doesn’t give us the professional commercial photography product images we need to make informed consumer decisions, we will typically google image the product to find an online store that will.

What a frustrating way to lose a sale. Not because your potential customer couldn’t find you online. Not because you didn’t have the type of product they required. Not because your price was not acceptable. All of this checked out. Your customer was there ready to purchase. But their questions were not fully answered. So they go ahead and “Google Image” the product to get a better look, to get some better product photography, to answer their last few questions. And your customer no doubt ends up on a competitor website to complete their purchase.

Don’t lose your potential customers to competitor websites as they seek product information through good product photography.

Standard product images not good enough for today's online generation

Where once consumers were OK with one image of a product that confirmed this is the product they were searching for- this is no longer enough. Where once online retailers poured over product descriptions to ensure they “held” their customer with all the information they needed to convert to sale- this is also no longer enough.

The expected consumer experience online has now dove-tailed with offline. As consumers, we don’t stand in retail shops reading detailed product information. We pick a product up, flip it around, examine the small detail and quality. And if we need a little more technical detail, we will read the product details on the back. And now we expect this online.

  • Don’t explain the fabric used on a beautiful dress- let your customer zoom in to see it for themselves.

  • Don’t itemise each colour option, tasking your customer with the job of imagining each one- wow them with the array of choice instead.

  • No words alone will sell your beautiful piece of craft- the craft buyer knows what they like…..when they see it!

360° Spin Photography enables you to bring the high street experience to your online store. Let your customers examine every inch of your products in exquisite zoom. Allow them to engage with your products as they would do off-line- Spin, Flip, Zoom. Provide your customer with a sophisticated online shopping experience. Don’t lose your customers to Google Image. Win your competitor’s customers with 360 Degree Photography

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