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The Impact of Photography on the Impulse Buyer

impact of online shoppingIt was Friday night and my birthday. I had finally decided that I deserved a new leather laptop bag. I remembered a friend  in Cavan had “liked” an Irish online bag store on Facebook a number of months earlier. I had checked it out at the time and noted they did really nice leather bags. Fast forward about 5 months and off I went to purchase. It was an impluse buy- I was going to buy a new bag tonight!


The Effects Of Product Imagery

I logged onto the online store and the product imagery captured me instantly. Stunning photos of beautiful Irish people with leather business bags. Perfect. I decided that I was not leaving this store without a birthday present. And so I began to browse. After a while doubts crept in. While the main images were lovely, there was just not enough further product images to confirm that this was indeed the bag for me. The main photo was lovely, but now I wanted to see stitching, corners, labels, lining, clips, straps etc.

So back and fourth I went until I realised I had major doubtsspending over €200 on something that I wasn’t sure was absolutely perfect for me. So I “Google Imaged” the brand and style of my chosen bag. I just wanted to see a few more images to help me over my last minute hesitations.

As usual lots of images popped up from UK suppliers listing “reduced prices”, “sale” etc.  So I clicked on a few sites and off I went on an unintended journey of price checking my Irish Store against UK options.


Online Form Of "Queue Busting"

You know if you pop into a store unplanned after work on a Friday. You pick up a really nice dress, but then may have to join a long queue for the changing room to see how it fits. Half way through the queue many of us will just drop the dress and head on home. This was how I felt right then. High street retailers know this and have reacted accordingly. They call it “Queue Busting”. Online retailers are starting to heed the same signals from “walk outs” and are working to devise strategic responses of their own.

I closed the laptop that night. I was €200 up. The online retailer in question was €200 down. I wanted to purchase, I really did. But the product photography stopped the sale dead in it’s tracks. The impluse buyer will only covert if the conditions are right. Yes they will buy on impluse, but not blindfolded. How many impluse buyers might you be losing with your average product photography? What would be the small investment required to make that photography really great? These are the questions you need to be asking. And there is at least €200 in it for the first online bag retailer who comes up with those answers by my birthday in 2017!

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